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Organizational Transformation

  • Do you know if your company is sustainable over the next decade?
  • Do you know whether the leadership is inspiring the people in your company or eroding productivity in invisible but substantial ways?
  • Do you know how aligned the values of your people are with those of your organization?

The mastery of organizational change relies upon an understanding of psychological complexity on an organization-wide basis. Organizational change – transforming a human system – involves such non-analytical processes as inspiring people, getting them to believe in themselves and one another, coping with non-rational behavior, and walking your talk about your vision, values, and strategy.

Our approach to building high-performance organizations is both value and values driven. It incorporates cutting edge organizational assessment and behavioral change technologies. We work together with you to strengthen the relationship between people and the organization, maximize a sense of value, and achieve key business goals.

It is only by taking control of your culture that you'll be able to achieve a truly sustainable competitive advantage.

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Thank you doesn’t begin to encompass the gratitude extended to you.  Thank you for a spirited board retreat, direction for continued action, and gentle nudging to help keep us going. (We have) new understanding of our functions and what is needed to perform as a group

Susan Kirk
Executive Director,
Bethesda Cares