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Leadership Coaching

To ensure sustainable growth in their businesses, today's executives need to be able to perform in a wide variety of roles. They need to communicate the purpose, vision, and goals of the organization to key constituencies; develop relationships and facilitate interactions that result in outstanding team performance; and anticipate changes in the marketplace.

Chrysalis consultants help rising executives improve those leadership skills, hone their problem solving strategies, and unlock their potential for long-term success.

Key Benefits for the Organization

  • Increase executive bench strength for planned and unanticipated succession
  • Identify reservoirs of human resource talent and channel them appropriately
  • Groom high potentials, develop leaders, and train mentors
  • Align personnel competencies with organizational strategy
Key Benefits for the Individual
  • Create opportunities for advancement and fulfillment
  • Develop leadership skills that increase trust and loyalty
  • Enhance your ability to manage change, take risks, and handle ambiguity
  • Take charge of your career and pursue self-development for its own sake

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Although it has been 5 years since we worked together, your words of advice echo through my head routinely.  To this day, I still find strength and new insight in them. Expressions of gratitude surely are inadequate. You were able to guide me toward possibility.  Not only that, but you refused to allow me to limit my ideas of what could be possible for me. With your voice echoing in my ears and my head refusing to believe you, I surpassed any career goals I had.”

Anita Mooy, Global Director
Branding + Consumer Marketing at General Electric
(formerly GE Adv Materials, now MPM)