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Executive Advisory Services

We all know that it can be lonely at the top. Senior executives need someone who...
  • can quickly evaluate situations from a strategic problem solving perspective
  • can assess the strengths and weaknesses of your executive team and ensure that they work together
  • can advise you about how to work with your Board of Directors based on deep understanding of group and individual dynamics
  • you can talk with about your successes, aspirations, and doubts trusting that their sole focus is on your best interest

Chrysalis consultants have over 20 years of experience working with some of the most successful people in the Washington D.C area, consulting with them about myriad people-related issues in their personal and business lives. We are professionals trained in business and psychology who bring not only our knowledge and skills but also a reverence for careful thought and confidentiality to our executive advisory services.

For more information, call Joanne Irving at (301) 943-3074 or Jude Marston (301) 943-3029 or email us at



Joanne is a bright, savvy individual who adds value in all that she does. Her training and experience in psychology, combined with her innate inquisitiveness and analytical prowess, make her a tremendous asset to her clients. She is capable, reliable, honest, and caring. I highly recommend her.”

Liz Bywater, PhD
President, Bywater
Consulting Group, LLC

Joanne helps me understand and think through situations with clients and personnel and has given me insight and direction needed for positive outcomes in “sticky” situations.  I highly recommend her advice and counsel to anyone who is faced with issues with clients and staff.

Robert Huey, CPA
President, Huey and Associates