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Corporate Transformation Tools

Assessment of Individual, Team, and Corporate Values

The coaches at Chrysalis are certified to use a series of Corporate Transformation Tools., a web-based assessment measure developed by Richard Barrett & Associates.

The Individual Values Assessment measures an individual's personal values as well as his or her perception of the corporate culture. By analyzing these result with our clients, coaches at Chrysalis help individuals understand how much they are invested in an organization, how much of themselves they bring to the organization, and how fulfilled they feel. We then compare these values with those they desire to help develop a vision for the future.

The Leadership Values Assessment is a 360-degree feedback instrument that we use to compare an executive or manager's perception of his or her operating values against the perception of his or her superior, peers and subordinates. The results are plotted using a framework of the Seven Levels of Leadership Consciousness. This assessment is always followed up by a two-hour feedback session and a one-hour session to develop a personal action plan.

Team Culture Assessments to help our clients build high-performance teams that motivate members, promote creativity, and develop team synergy by mapping the current and desired values of a team and facilitating alignment between the two.

Corporate Culture Assessments are used in small, medium and large organizations to map the perceived and desired values of different levels of an organization. The top values are indexed on a Balanced Needs Scorecard as a tool for balancing organizational effectiveness.

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